2023 | Ferrari 812 GTS

2023 | Ferrari 812 GTS

Technical Information

Lot Number:547
Model:812 GTS
Engine:6.5L V12
Body Style:Convertible
Location:Los Angeles California 90049
Title Status:Clean
Seller Type:Private Party
Exterior Color:Grigio Silverstone
Interior Color:Cuoio and Black


The Ferrari 812 GTS marked a significant milestone in the prestigious Italian automaker's history when it was unveiled in 2019. This model was developed as a more versatile and open-air version of the already impressive 812 Superfast. The design team at Ferrari faced the challenge of integrating a retractable hardtop without compromising the car's aerodynamics and performance. They achieved this with innovative engineering, incorporating a roof mechanism that could fold neatly behind the seats, ensuring the car's sleek profile remained undisturbed. In addition, the Ferrari engineers meticulously tuned the car's chassis and suspension to compensate for the slight increase in weight and change in center of gravity due to the convertible design. These innovations ensured that the 812 GTS retained the exhilarating driving dynamics renowned for the brand.

Technologically, the 812 GTS is a marvel of its time, equipped with a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine, one of the last of its kind amidst the rising trend of turbocharged and hybrid powertrains. This engine could produce an astonishing 789 horsepower*, making the 812 GTS one of the most potent production convertibles in the world at its release. The car also boasted advanced aerodynamic features, such as sophisticated underbody vortex generators and an active rear diffuser, which optimized downforce and stability at high speeds. The interior was equally impressive, blending luxury with functionality and featuring state-of-the-art infotainment and driver-assistance systems. The Ferrari 812 GTS thus stood as a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive design and engineering.

The 2023 Ferrari 812 GTS offered here is a highly optioned example, featuring over $50,000 in desirable extras for an ideal combination of performance, comfort, and drivability. Inside, the sport seats are upholstered in handsome Cuoio leather, which extends to the dashboard, doors, and carbon fiber steering wheel. A sea of black Alcantara trim clads the central tunnel, lower dashboard, and seat inserts, providing an appealing contrast. Comfort continues with the premium Infotelematic Audio System, and safety follows in the form of the rear radar and copious parking sensors. Outside, the car is finished in striking Grigio Silverstone and features the unmistakable shields of Scuderia Ferrari, from which much of its technology is derived. Magnetorheological dampers, carbon ceramic brakes, and a side slip control differential are some of the technologies that prove Ferrari's prowess. At the same time, the suspension lift system ensures the vehicle is simple to pilot even at slow speeds around town. Few cars can deliver the power and thrill of a V12 in a form factor as sleek and desirable as a Ferrari, and the 812 GTS may be the ideal Spider on the market today. It is now offered with a Carfax report and a third-party inspection report. The title is in transit and will arrive approximately three weeks after the auction closes. 

*This vehicles factory-issued window sticker lists a power output of 785 horsepower

Features & Options

  • Interior Variation - $844
  • Reverse Stitching - $844
  • Adaptive Front Lights + SBL - $3,375
  • Alcantara Seats Inner Trim - $1,856
  • Alcantara Door Panels - $1,181
  • Back Radar - $2,767
  • Coloured Inner Details - $844
  • Alcantara Central Tunnel - $1,350
  • Coloured Upper Dashboard - $1,350
  • Alcantara Lower Dashboard - $1,687
  • Suspension Lifter - $5,737
  • Horse Stitched on Headrest - $1,266
  • Carb.Fib.Steering Wheel + LEDS - $5,062
  • "Scuderia Ferrari" Shields - $1,856
  • Other Options - $21,085 
*For additional original equipment information please see this vehicle's window sticker in the "Extras" gallery below

Service Records

  • Carfax report confirming one owner history
  • Third-party inspection report

Ownership History & Provenance

The Carfax report shows history with one owner in Oregon. The car is currently located in Los Angeles, California. 

Known Shortcomings

This vehicle shows wear consistent with its low mileage according to a third-party Inspection Report. Please review the entire report in the "Extras" image gallery below. 

Items included in the Sale

  • Two key fobs
  • Owner's manual and service books
  • Window Sticker

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