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About Us

A Welcome Message from Chip Perry

“Have you ever considered using an online auction site to buy or sell an expensive sport, exotic, or luxury car - but decided not to? Maybe you were worried about the details of the car not being right, or about the risks and hassles of doing a high-value transaction with someone you've never met.

Well, a carefully curated, luxury online auction experience is here to take care of those worries for you. Finally.

We're excited to deliver a brand-new, high-touch auction experience for discerning buyers and sellers of 21st century sport, exotic, and luxury cars priced between $100,000 and approximately $1 million.

With Sotheby's Motorsport, you'll find an entirely new and improved way to buy and sell these special cars.

  • This is a place where third-party inspections are the rule, not the exception.
  • A place where a smooth transaction after the high bid is just as important as the online photos, videos, and comments that set up the online bidding.
  • A place where the secure transfer of money and ownership documents is taken care of for you.
  • A place where your confidence, convenience, and peace of mind is the highest priority - finally.

Brought to you by RM Sotheby's and Motorsport Network, our ground-breaking auction site has been carefully designed around all the unmet needs of sophisticated buyers and sellers who want a high-touch, luxury auction experience that matches the quality of their prized automobiles.

Please check out our outstanding selection of vehicles and learn what a truly luxury online auction experience is all about!”

With best regards,

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Chip Perry

Sotheby's Motorsport